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So, we know we really shouldn’t have favourites, but sometimes you just can’t help yourself. Right? If you will allow us that, then we must say, we adore Tipi weddings and this Tipi Garden Wedding was one of our favourite ever weddings. Bold statement we know. But just take a look at these photos and we think you’ll agree!


Emma and her bridesmaids started the day at home, drinking champagne and swapping gifts whilst Al enjoyed a pint and some food at a local pub with friends and family. There was such a jovial atmosphere, both of them joking and laughing as they prepared for the big day, it was really rather infectious. Emma looked stunning in an exquisite lace dress with button detailing down the back and delicate sequin sparkles. Her three bridesmaids wore long rich Navy-blue gowns, perfectly complemented by the blue, violet and white bouquets.

Private Shoot

The traditional ceremony was held in a local church, just a couple of minutes from their house, after which, the newlyweds joined us for a stroll around some beautiful Japanese gardens. We didn’t expect to come across this little green oasis with vibrant red gates, crimson bridges and stone steps up to Japanese pagodas, but it was a fantastic opportunity for us to capture some gorgeous natural bride and groom portraits among the twisted and knotted trees. Emma and Al were a joy to photograph, posing easily and smiling at each other. We love stealing our couples away for little photo shoots like this as we think they really relax out of the way of the guests and the resulting photographs are always so charming!


The great thing about Emma and Al’s Tipi Garden wedding was that it was all set up in their own garden so they had no time restrictions or certain requirements that had to be adhered to. They just invited all their nearest and dearest and threw a huge party resulting in such a warm and friendly vibe. The Tipi had been personally decorated by the couple in a rustic countryside theme with hessian ribbons, blue bunting and plenty of fairy lights to add that magical touch.
It can always be a bit of a risk to plan an outdoor event in the UK, but on this day the sun was beaming down on the couple. In fact there was not a drop of rain all day so we were able to get plenty of candid shots of our guests milling around outside, lounging on tree stumps or hay bales, and in a couple of cases, bringing the dogs to the party! A band started up in the evening and the dance floor was soon full. Many of the guests remained there long into the night only breaking away to keep warm by the fire smouldering outside, or perhaps to toast a marshmallow.
We would like to say a huge thank you to Emma and Al for letting us be a part of their special day. We had an absolutely amazing time, you couldn’t have been more welcoming, and we could have honestly hung out with you and your friends all week. We wish you many more happy times to come!

  • wedding dress hanging on the window
  • bride looking at herself in the mirror and smiling
  • bride's friend opening champagne
  • bride checking make-up in the mirror
  • bride looking to the side
  • unbuttoning the wedding dress
  • bride looking towards the window
  • bridesmaid admiring the bride
  • dad sees the bride for the first time
  • bride holding hands with dad
  • bride walking down the isle with dad
  • groom waiting for the bride at the altar
  • bride and groom exchanging rings
  • bride and groom first kiss
  • confetti throw
  • bride and groom leaving church after wedding ceremony
  • bride and groom portrait
  • bride and groom hugging in japanese gardens
  • bride and groom walking towards the camera
  • wedding guests mingling by the tipi
  • bride and her hens walking towards the camera
  • card in hand
  • magician throwing a card up in the air
  • magician finishing magic trick
  • magician throwing a card in the air
  • woman excited for magic trick reveal
  • group of people laughing
  • groom and groomsmen running towards the camera
  • groom giving a speech
  • groom hugging his best man
  • bride laughing during speeches
  • bride and groom smiling during speeches
  • bride getting emotional during speeches
  • best man toasting the groom
  • first dance
  • woman on the dancefloor
  • bride having fun on the dancefloor
  • group of people dancing
  • woman having fun on the dancefloor
  • people having fun on the dancefloor
  • groom pretending he is singing to a microphone
  • bride and groom dancing wearing funny glasses
  • bride and groom cutting cake with the chainsaw

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