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Between the pair of us, there aren’t many aspects of creative photography that we can’t help with. With over a decade of experience, we’ve collected an impressive collection of skills including photographing low-light music gigs with (and without) external flash, shooting a huge variety of weddings, portraits, street photography and even underwater photography!

Lots of artists have a good eye for photos, but you need sufficient technical ability to back up those creative instincts. Having technical skills is really important, something you’ll learn in your 1-2-1 sessions with Andy who has years of experience in conducting photography classes and technical demonstrations at the university level.

Stop Getting Ghosted: A guide for wedding photographers
Stop Getting Ghosted: A guide for wedding photographers

We all get those couples that email, then you email them back and then they never get back to you. And then you sit there, panicking, thinking Oh my gosh! What have I done?!

Am I too expensive?
Have they already booked someone else?
Do they just hate me?!

Being ghosted is horrible and it happens to all of us, so this ebook is jam-packed with information about how to reduce the odds of getting ghosted.

Learn with Andy
Learn with Andy

Andy’s extensive teaching experience at the university level means he can effectively train beginners and experienced photographers alike, regardless of their technical aptitude. Whether you’re looking to start your own photography business or just get really, really good at taking photos of your family, these training sessions are suitable for anyone wanting to develop their photography skills.

Andy can help with: DSLR Photography; Colour and B&W Film Photography; Light and Composition; Low-light Photography; Creative Portraits; Lenses + Equipment; On and Off-Camera Flash, Editing + Retouching, Preparing Images for Printing; Intro to Underwater Photography.

Tools & Discounts
Tools & Discounts

Sometimes building a business can feel like you’re constantly swimming against the current, so it’s important to equip yourself with the right tools and resources that will set you up for success. But with an ever-growing number of different platforms, it’s hard to know which ones will have a positive impact on your business (and you only really need a handful of these). Check out some of the tools we use for our wedding photography business.

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