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Just before we jetted off on our annual holiday we managed to squeeze in this stunning Millbridge Court Wedding, our last one of 2017!


Winter weddings hold special kind of fairy-tale charm because the day is cool and crisp, people come wrapped up in furs and draped in shawls and blankets, and all you need is for there to be a touch of frost on the ground and you’ve got an instant magical glittery blanket. This Millbridge Court wedding had plenty of that enchantment from the sparkling jewels on the bride’s stunning white gown, to the ice-white silk flowers she carried wrapped in satin ribbons. Laura and her bridesmaids got ready in one of the room upstairs in Millbridge Court whilst the groom and his brother decided to start the day at home with a run. Nothing like getting the endorphins flowing in preparation for one of the biggest days of your life!


Dusty pink bows in hues matching the bridesmaid’s gowns were placed on the end of each row of wooden chairs laid out for the ceremony. The spacious room was perfect for getting beautiful shots as the tall vaulted ceilings and floor to ceiling windows allowed the bright winter sun to flood the room and bathe our couple in natural light. Just before the ceremony began we caught our groom taking a quick swig of liquid courage from a hip flask prior to standing at the end of the aisle to wait for his bride. We can only assume the run didn’t quite calm his nerves! The look on his face when he turned to see his wife-to-be coming towards him was one of those heart-warming looks that reminds us why we do this job. Capturing those special moments and being able to provide a physical reminder that can be treasured for years to come is the most rewarding feeling.


Whilst the barn was being set up for the reception we took the opportunity to get outside and take some traditional group photos in-between eager guests coming to congratulate the happy couple. We also took a little wander around the venue to scout out any interesting backdrops and got some beautiful shots of our couple in the Millbridge Court Gardens lit by the setting winter sun. Our bride also had her own request for some photographs under a wooden gazebo which was across a muddy stretch of grass, so our dutiful groom carried his new wife over to the spot which we thoroughly enjoyed catching on camera.
Rose gold sequin tablecloths and shimmering gold candles had been laid out in the barn and the guests gathered again for some incredibly funny speeches, delicious food and plenty of toasting. Later on, when the party was in full swing, all the guests that were still standing got together and unexpectedly danced around the bride and groom, again reminding us why we always stay until the end of every wedding that we photograph. You never know what might happen!
Our last shoot of the year was fantastic, and we were thoroughly excited for our holiday with the beautiful wedding moments still fresh in our minds. The next day we boarded our flight full of excitement and anticipation, and got a bit of a shock when we spotted the best man on the same flight as us to Costa Rica! Perhaps he thought he might need a break after all his hard work too, what are the chances!
It was such a pleasure to photograph this Millbridge Court Wedding, thank you for having us and we wish you guys all the best for your new lives together.

  • Wedding dress hanging on the door of Millbridge Court
  • bride getting ready laughing
  • bride getting ready smiling
  • bride's daughter holding her veil
  • braidsmaid crying during bridal preparations
  • groom seeing his bride down the isle
  • groom kissing his bride's temple
  • groom putting a ring on bride's finger
  • bride and groom showered in confetti at Millbridge Court
  • bride and groom enjoying a moment together
  • groom carrying bride through the muddy path
  • groom making his speech
  • guests laughing during grooms speech
  • guests laughing during bestman speech
  • guests laughing during grooms speech
  • first dance at a wedding
  • guests getting emotional during the first dance
  • guests going crazy on the dance floor at a wedding
  • groom dancing with groomsman
  • guests going crazy on the dance floor at a wedding
  • groom and bride dancing
  • bride and groom hugging under fairy lights

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  1. I love the first and last images. Really lovely.

  2. Belinda says:

    Awww, they are so dang happy. Awesome job!

  3. Edmund Shum says:

    Perfectly captured, what a venue!

  4. Oh, my! That top image alone is absolutely epic!

  5. Such a wonderful and beautiful day Great work!

  6. Louise says:

    Great set of images, love the happiness in the couple portrait by the wood panelling. 

  7. Thomas says:

    Lovely work Anna

  8. Matthew Long says:

    Gorgeous work Anna, particularly love that B&W portrait with the veil in the wind. 

  9. Paul Keppel says:

    Beautiful wedding, love that black and white with the brides veil in the air.

  10. Zbigniew says:

    I love this venue!!! What a amazing set of images!!! Love them ALL

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