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Magdalene College Cambridge Wedding

On a fabulous August day, we embarked to the stunning Magdalene College in Cambridge. Draped in tradition, the brick sanctuary encompassed the beauty of Victoria and Moritz’ union. Under the arches of the Pepys Library, the congregation filled the courtyard while basking in the afternoon warmth. This Magdalene College wedding included lovely personal vows and rings warming by all the guests. We love capturing these meaningful and sacred moments that take place. After the ceremony, guests enjoyed riverside refreshments while the famous Cambridge punting passed through.

Victoria and Moritz sketched in time for us to spend photographing them around the college grounds and alongside the river. It was a popular day with lots of locals and tourists embracing the late Summer sun. So, when we photographed Victoria and Moritz on the lawn overlooking the most popular punting spot in town, they were greeted by a round of applause from the friendly strangers… and they absolutely loved it! Another reason we think Cambridge weddings are so much fun! Once they were done being the talk of the town, Victoria and Moritz joined their guests in the Hall for a formal plated dinner before the dancing got underway.

We really loved watching Victoria and Moritz marry. They were intentional in being present all day long, immersing themselves 100% into each part of the day. And it’s evident in their photos! In fact, one thing we would advise any couple is to not worry about being hosts at your wedding. Instead of trying to please everyone around you, make sure you two are having the best time. Leave the wine refills and entertaining guests up to others. Just lose yourself in your wedding day! If you are not sure where to begin, we suggest that you intentionally schedule a time to take a moment away from all family, friends, and guests and just be together…and if your photographer brings a telephoto lens, let them stalk you from afar while the two of you embrace your moments alone.

Congratulations Victoria and Moritz!

If you are engaged and considering your own Cambridge wedding or Magdalene College wedding, get in touch! We’d love to hear from you.

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    Amazing as always. Love how you are able to capture all those moments. And the edit is just great!!!

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