Getting Ready Ideas For The Groom

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Getting Ready Ideas For The Groom

This one is for all the dapper gentlemen out there searching for getting ready ideas and wedding day time fillers. Listen, it is not a secret that a groom’s getting ready does not require three hours of hair and make-up for the big day. On average, it takes a groom less than an hour to get ready for the biggest day of his life. Grooms will shave, shower, throw on a tux, comb in hair gel and sit down for a few laughs before heading out to the ceremony. Therefore, many grooms find themselves with plenty of time on their wedding day. As wedding photographers, we have been thrilled to capture our grooms embracing their favourite people and preferred hobbies before the wedding. For those grooms-to-be out there, we are excited to share some of these awesome getting ready ideas for the groom!

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