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Removed from London’s hustle and bustle, Jade and James chose the luxurious Fanhams Hall as the epicenter of their wedding day. With rich Jacobean Manor roots, Fanhams Hall has introduced the 21st century by the inclusion of glass walls and linear architecture, a romantic outdoor Japanese tea garden, and of course, Fanham’s celebrity guests. Sorry, they wouldn’t tell us who!

When we arrived, we met Jade at the Rose Bridal suite. Her poise and reassuring calmness stood out immediately. Likewise, her future husband, James, had a similar unruffled composure and a cheeky smile that put everyone at ease throughout the day.

Jade and James vowed their lives to one another in the blush-and-magenta-cloaked ceremony room overlooking the manor’s tranquil lake. From there, family and friends explored the manor’s grounds whilst making their way to the Lake Pavilion reception.

When you plan an April wedding in the UK, you voluntarily add two potential guests to your list: rain or shine. And on the other end of the RSVP is Mother Nature ready to decide who gets to attend.

For Jade and James’ wedding, both springtime guests arrived in an expected and timely manner. Gratefully, the rainfall graciously departed the wedding festivities early in the day and the preferred sunlight remained with us until nightfall.

Jade and James brilliantly prioritized their photography timeline so we were able to take full advantage of the property and at the most optimal times. We ventured around the cobblestone grounds, lush green lawns and into the desolate fields. Before the sun dipped below the horizon, it left a trail of golden hour beauty that left us all breathless…and their photos incredible! After the orange glimmer disappeared and the moonlight began it’s reign, the confetti-filled wedding dance party began.

Jade and James, your wedding was Jacobean magic! We truly believe your love defeated the British weather and will withstand years of rain and shine. We are honored to give you photos as a forever reminder of the day you two united before friends, family, and mad golden sun.

Congratulations to you both!!

  • make up being done at fanhams hall
  • bride reflecting in the mirror opposite
  • bride having her hair adjusted for the ceremony later on
  • bride and groom looking into each others eyes

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