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Our roundup of best Cambridge College Wedding Venues in 2020

The city of Cambridge is known internationally for its’ distinguished university. The university is made up of 31 unique college campuses across Cambridge. In addition to its world-renowned academic establishment, Cambridge boasts of iconic punting tours, the Corpus Clock and Chelsea Buns from Fitzbillies. So, it is no surprise that couples from all over the world choose to marry here. Whether you met whilst studying or simply love the historical feel of the University, Cambridge college wedding venues offer an array of styles to fit your day. If you’re considering getting married in one of the colleges, we hope the following information helps you narrow your choice for your Cambridge college wedding!

Civil Ceremonies At Cambridge Colleges

To start, most Cambridge colleges only allow college students or alumni to use their grounds for wedding events. However, some colleges do allow civil ceremonies for non-members of the University and rent out its grounds for wedding receptions.

If you have a specific college venue in mind and want to find out if you can have a civil ceremony there, go to the Cambridgeshire County Council’s Ceremonies website: You can also reach out directly to the college and ask what their current policies are since the policies are periodically updated.

If you are a member of the college, alumni or connected in some other way, you will be able to access the venues quite simply.

Religious Ceremonies At Cambridge Colleges

There are a handful of Cambridge colleges that offer their chapels for religious ceremonies. Below, we list our favourite colleges for non-religious weddings. If you are interested in a religious Cambridge college wedding ceremony, please contact us for more information.

Why We Love College Wedding Venues in Cambridge

Between the historical architecture and pristine gardens, it is no secret that Cambridge University and it’s thirty-plus colleges are incredibly distinguished. For those who fell in love between classes, the university is a sentimental location for students and alumni who want to wed here.

Additionally, wedding styles of all kinds can occur at the colleges. Both indoor and outdoor options are offered. And the colleges allow outdoor civil and humanist ceremonies. Drink receptions are often held on the lawn of the college. Some of the colleges have access to the river as well. Indoors, colleges arrange romantic candlelit dinners in their halls. The historic dining rooms house high ceilings and walls adorned with paintings of famous fellows, kings, and other famous Cambridge figures.

And of course, one of the most important aspects of a proper wedding reception is amazing and delectable food. With on-site high-quality catering, food is always scrumptious. Believe us, after shooting dozens of weddings, we are wedding food critics at this point!

Our Favourite College Wedding Venues

With over thirty college venue options, it can be overwhelming to find the one that is just right for you and your fiancé. Therefore, we decided to list a few where we enjoyed working and most importantly, where our couples had an amazing experience. In no particular order:

Magdalene College Cambridge


Brief Overview:
• Magdalene College is located in central Cambridge by the famous Quayside.
• Built in the 16th century, the college is a mixture of history and modernity.
• Getting married outdoors under the arches of the famous Pepys library is available.
• The college allows humanist ceremonies.
• Couples have access to the riverside, which is perfect for an outdoor waterfront drink reception.
• The college hall offers an incredible candlelit atmosphere for intimate receptions and photos.
• The punt hire offers easy access across the river for couples and guests to partake in Cambridge punting.
• The college is licensed for civil ceremonies.
• The college can host wedding receptions. We recommend Cripps Court building for an evening reception.

Fun Fact:
Every banister in the college have unique designs to help undergraduate students feel their way back to their rooms after dark.

Magdalene College Cambridge
Real Wedding At Magdalene College
Real Wedding At Magdalene College

We shot several weddings at this beautiful college. Take a look at one of our weddings for some inspiration.

Newnham College Cambridge


Brief Overview:
• Newnham College is located away from the centre yet easily accessible.
• It’s surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens.
• The college offers a bright and airy indoor ceremony room.
• There is an outdoor space for a drink reception on the lawn.
• It is licensed for civil ceremonies and available for wedding receptions.

Fun Fact:
Newnhman College is one of the first women’ colleges. When it was founded, women were banned from the University of Cambridge and didn’t receive degrees until 1948. Dame Emma Thompson earned her degree here.

Trinity College Cambridge

Trinity College Cambridge


Brief Overview:
• Trinity College is located in central Cambridge.
• It is the largest and most cosmopolitan college in Cambridge University.
• There are so many backdrops for photography. In certain places within the college, portrait lighting is incredible.
• Trinity College has a large dining hall to accommodate a larger reception.
• On the property, there is an avenue of lime and cherry trees. When in bloom, it is the perfect location for bridal portraits.
• As of now, Trinity College is only available for members’ wedding celebrations.
• The college is not licenced for civil ceremonies.

Fun Fact:
Trinity College was established by infamous Henry VIII and has hosted more students than any other college in Cambridge or Oxford.

Peterhouse College Cambridge


Brief Overview:
• Peterhouse College is located in central Cambridge.
• Although Peterhouse has the smallest number of students and fellows, the campus offers ample space to enjoy an outdoor or indoor wedding reception.
• Peterhouse college is known for its famous gardens which offer stunning backdrops for bridal portraits.
• At this time, Peterhouse is not licensed for civil ceremonies for non-members.

Fun Fact: Peterhouse College is the oldest college in Cambridge (1284).

Corpus Christi College Cambridge


Brief Overview:
• Corpus Christi is located in central Cambridge.
• The college perfectly blends modernity and tradition.
• With a beautifully panelled hall, couples can enjoy a romantic reception dinner within the jaw-dropping stained-glass windows.
• The cobbled courtyard is surrounded by lush green and flowered walls.
• Corpus Christi College is licensed for civil ceremonies.
• The college offers space for wedding receptions.

Fun Fact:
Corpus Christi College has an outdoor swimming pool. It is one of the oldest swimming pools in the country. We shoot underwater portraits, so if you’re getting married here and are up for an adventurous session before/during/after the wedding day, we are the perfect photographers for you!

Corpus Christi College Cambridge

Madingley Hall Cambridge


Brief Overview:

  • Madingley Hall is not a college but a conference centre and venue. It is available to members and non-members all year round
  • The Hall is an elegant historic country house with beautifully landscaped gardens and getting ready spaces. You can read more about Madingley Hall weddings in our round-up of best wedding venues in Cambridge.

Other Cambridge College Wedding Venues Available for Civil Ceremonies and Wedding Receptions

Other Cambridge College Wedding Venues Available for Civil Ceremonies and Wedding Receptions

Clare College

Queens College

Trinity Hall Cambridge

  • One of the oldest and most beautiful colleges. It has riverside access. We’re looking forward to our first wedding here in the summer 2021.

Corpus Christi College

  • It is one of the oldest and smallest colleges where you will also find the famous Corpus Clock, the Chronophage.

Downing College Cambridge

Girton College

  • It is located north of Cambridge, outside of the city centre, and surrounded by more than 50 acres of green fields and woodlands.

Gonville & Caius College

Homerton College Cambridge

Jesus College in the University of Cambridge

Selwyn College

Other Cambridge College Wedding Venues Available Only for Wedding Receptions

Other Cambridge College Wedding Venues Available Only for Wedding Receptions

King’s College

Lucy Cavendish College

Fitzwilliam College

Robinson College

St John’s College Cambridge

St Catharine’s College

Sidney Sussex College

  • The world’s most overdue book was borrowed from Sidney library in 1667-8 and returned on 16 January 1956.

Emmanuel College

  • It hosts beautiful yet unusual trees within its grounds, such as a Dawn Redwood, Oriental Plane, and two Chimera trees.

Murray Edwards College

Hughes Hall

St Edmunds College

Fancy Getting Married In Cambridge?

We’re on a mission to shoot in all of the Cambridge colleges. If you’re getting married in one of them and enjoy our style of art, then please get in touch. We would love to hear from you!

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