3 Reasons Why a Barn Wedding Venue May Be Exactly What You Want
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You are engaged! Now the planning begins! But, where do you begin? One of the first steps to planning your personalised wedding is to consider what type of wedding will closely represent you and your fiancé. Are you leaning towards a more traditional wedding? Are you aiming for a more relaxed and personal vibe? Would you prefer your guests to wear black ties and floor-length gowns? Once you narrow down your vision, the next natural step is to venue shop. And believe us, as a married couple, we understand that venue shopping can be both an overwhelming and underwhelming process. After looking at a handful of venues, we just wanted a venue we could transform into our unique wedding.

It wasn’t until we were photographing weddings at dozens of venues that we realized the most transformative venue was a barn wedding venue. Now, we understand you might immediately think of wellies and hay bales but let us explain! Barn wedding venues offer brides and grooms the versatility of expression, the confidence to prepare for any inconvenience, and the ability to maximize your day to the fullest. Let us break it down for you…

Three Reasons to Choose a Barn Wedding Venue

You Can Express Yourselves

You Can Express Yourselves

One of the best features that barn wedding venues offer is the ability to create a wedding that fully reflects your personalities and wedding vision. Barns are essentially blank canvases. They can metamorphose into elegant black-tie evening affairs. They can also convert into casual brunch-style weddings. Or they can evolve into any other vision you have. With rich textures in the wood, brick and beams, barns can convert into any aesthetic that a do-it-yourself couple or a professional wedding stylist can create. The sky is truly the limit with barn wedding venues. Where most wedding venues have pre-determined styles, barn wedding venues offer you and your fiancé the ability to truly express yourselves.

You Can Drop Your Champagne Glass

You Can Drop Your Champagne Glass

Another feature of a barn wedding venue is having the confidence that any little inconvenience will be okay. Although barn venues can transform into glamorous high-end weddings, barn venues are less fragile and expensive compared to other wedding counterparts. With no expensive flooring or lavishly priced interiors, you can be confident that any common mistake, such as dropping a champagne glass on the floor, will not set you back financially. Knowing this, couples and their guests are comfortable knowing that they can embrace the joyful moment and any celebratory “oopsies” are perfectly harmless to the property.

You Can Maximize Your Wedding Timeline

You Can Maximize Your Wedding Timeline

One of our personal favourite features of barn wedding venues is the ability to benefit from the extra time it allots. In most barn wedding venues, the entirety of the day can take place at the venue. From getting ready to the reception send-off, each moment can take place in one location. This is a great benefit! As photographers, we have seen how travelling to multiple locations on the wedding day can soak up a lot of the couple’s time. Choosing a venue that offers multiple locations not only increases your personal experience time on the day, but it also enhances the vendors’ ability to maximise their time for you. Also, you won’t have to worry about sharing portions of various locations with other couples who are scheduled to use the same property as you. This provides an intimate and personalised approach for your day. Most of the barn wedding venues are also located further away from other residential or commercial properties which gives the nature-lover and solitude-seeker a perfect environment to embrace every moment of their wedding day!


From personalizing your wedding to being confident despite any inconvenience to maximizing every part of your wedding timeline, barn wedding venues offer couples much more than just a wedding location. They offer peace of mind, creative space and intimate solitude. These are just three reasons why our past couples and ourselves love barn wedding venues!

Are you considering a barn wedding venue for your wedding day? As wedding photographers in Cambridge, Suffolk and Norfolk UK some of our favourite barns are located in this area:

The Red Barn
Southwood Hall
The Granary Estates

Now we want to hear from you! What are your thoughts on barn wedding venues? Did you get married in a barn? If so, how was it? Let us know by sharing below!

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  • Brad Erwin says:

    I liked it when you mentioned that barn venues are less expensive than traditional wedding venue options. My brother is going to be getting married next month and they want to save money on a venue so that they can afford a down payment on a home. I will be sure to recommend he look into a barn wedding so that he can save money while adding character to his wedding.

  • That’s good to know that you could have the entire wedding in a barn venue. I think it would be nice to only have to book one venue instead of several for things like the reception and the ceremony. I’ll have to talk to my fiance about possible having our wedding in a barn since it sounds convenient.

  • I like how you point out that a barn venue allows you to express and reflect your wedding vision. Recently, I’ve been looking for wedding venues to get married in and want one that will be really memorable. I’ll have to look further into wedding venues.

  • Paul Keppel says:

    Great advice for couples who are thinking about having a barn wedding

  • Excellent info, thanks for sharing.

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