• Winter wedding at Woodhall Manor
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Winter wedding at Woodhall Manor

What a stunning venue! This traditional Woodhall Manor wedding took place on a fresh and bright December day in a gorgeous redbrick building shrouded with ivy, beneath a clear blue sky. We were greeted in the morning by a flock of white doves gently cooing from the rooftops and a crisp frost on the lawns adding a magical charm to the atmosphere.

Both the bride and groom got ready at the venue allowing us to get some scenic early morning shots before snapping some candid photos of them preparing for the day. Our blushing bride-to-be wore a beautiful short white dress from City Brides, Norwich, showing off her white satin heels and warded off the chilly December air with a sumptuous fur shrug.

Before the gents could get ready they had to make some final touches to the venue. We spotted them artfully draping fir cones and fairy lights, and carefully positioning the hefty wood block seating plan that Jamie himself spent 6 hours sanding! There were thick hessian bows on the back of the chairs decorated with fir cones, tall white branches hung with more lights and instead of guests writing mementos in a wedding book, this pair asked that they be jotted on smooth pebbles and tossed into a wicker basket. In fact, the rustic wooden theme even extended to the ring boxes which were the most exquisite little wooden logs crafted to perfection, with tiny hinges and magnet closures. The little details of a wedding are always so special and unique to each couple and this theme clearly fits the fun outdoorsy characters that we first discovered on their engagement shoot. They took to the beach on Dunwich Heath with their puppy Kimmi and larked about amongst the blustery sand dunes, so it’s no wonder that their wedding is full of the outdoors.

The ceremony was traditional but again nodded to the couple’s quirks. The Woodhall Manor wedding service was not printed on the usual coloured church pamphlets but printed like a newspaper with the wedding making the front-page headline – of course! The back page even featured a crossword and sudoku for guests to amuse themselves before dinner.

Exiting the ceremony, the pair were showered with gorgeous rose-scented petal confetti and the long wooden barn roof made a perfect tunnel for us to catch the infamous confetti shot!

Group photos with this bunch were a blast, they really let their personality shine through which is what you want from your photos at the end of the day.
No one else will have any quite like these and it really was a pleasure to capture our couple having so much fun.

After the group photos, the guests headed back inside for dinner and had a chance to admire Jamie’s handcrafted Table Plan. Everyone marvelled over it. It was quite simply a work of art, and hopefully, much like our photos, it will become a much-treasured memento of the day.

Following on from dinner and keeping with the theme, the cake stood atop a chunky wooden log with adorable hat adorned fir cones as toppers. Our couple then made their way under the barn roof tunnel once more, but this time through a magical haze of spitting sparklers.

The final photos of the night were of Charley’s dress spinning out in a perfect circle as she joined her guests for her first dance as Jamie’s wife! We really enjoyed this Woodhall Manor Wedding, a fabulous celebration for some fabulous people, best wishes for the future!

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