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As well as being one of the happiest days of your life, weddings justify a great many indulgences, such as bubbly for breakfast, a personal chauffer or having a confectionary tower that is taller than you. Amy and Stewart’s Ware Priory Wedding certainly maximised the wedding benefits by having an ice-cream van waiting for the guests outside the church! Just a little something to keep them going in-between the ceremony and the reception. To be honest, we don’t think there is any indulgence that a wedding couldn’t excuse!

The Bridal Prep

Our gorgeous bride Amy wore a short white gown with intricate lacing all the way up the back. The calf length skirt revealed her sparkling court shoes which had a real silver sixpence set into the inner sole, fulfilling the final line of the rhyme ‘Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a sixpence in her shoe’. For those that don’t know, in the UK, the coin is traditionally given to the Bride to wear in her left shoe, bidding the couple prosperity, love and happiness. It is a tradition that isn’t often still followed but these perfectly designed wedding shoes fit the bill perfectly and were surely more comfortable than walking round on a loose penny all day!

Ceremony at the St Mary’s Church and the reception at The Ware Priory

The intimate ceremony was conducted by Amy’s childhood friend in the bright airy St Marys Church, and the guests only had to cross the road to get to the reception at The Ware Priory. The speeches were amazing and the best man accompanied his with a picture book of the groom in various amusing situations, each picture with its own interesting story.

After the speeches, the guests had some time to mingle, enjoy some drinks, post the couple a well-wishing letter into their own red post box, and of course, have another flick through the book of compromising photos. Instead of the usual sugary affair after dinner, our newlyweds plunged their knife tip into a tower of cheese wheels adorned with fruits and topped with a perfect golden pie. A savoury take on the traditional wedding cake that went down extraordinarily well with the guests.

Rain during the wedding day can make for some epic shots!

Amy and Stewart’s big day finally came to an end, rounded off by some wild shapes on the dance floor. Determined to relish every moment, our couple ignored the persistent light showers and ventured outside for some final photos. The end results were stunning. We like to try and create some drama in our photos and so it is all about making the weather conditions work for us. In this case, we turned that dreary English drizzle to our advantage and captured our couple, nose to nose in a glittering night-time garden. An unusual final photo for this Ware Priory Wedding, as stunning and unique as our couple.

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