Underwater Wedding Photography

If you have found yourself here, chances are you are either considering having an underwater wedding or already planning one. First off, we already think you are an incredibly awesome couple for going outside the norm for your big day. You are in good company here. So, welcome!

As professional wedding photographers and as an adventurous couple ourselves, we are head over heels in love with the deep blue sea. Whether you’re snorkelers, divers, surfers or simply love the adventure of the ocean, imagine this…

It is your wedding day. The beauty of the sea is your aisle. Instead of being surrounded by flowers and decor, you are immersed by the mystery of Mother Nature. You exchange your rings as fish of all colours swim through. Corals and reefs listen to your vows.

You and your fiance seal forever with a kiss and your underwater guests celebrate with water-filled claps and somersaults. It is the best day ever! It deserves to be captured. And we want to capture it for you.

Together, we can create and capture lifelong memories that will carry on as your legacy.

It's about your story and your connection with the ocean...

The beauty of a wedding day is that it is an experience. In your case, it is an unforgettable and truly unique underwater experience! But the truth is, your day will be so much more than diving to the depths of the ocean. There will be a beautiful blend of delicate, little details and big, memorable moments. Excitement, anticipation and celebration occur from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep.

This is why we believe you deserve all-day documentation on top of the incredible underwater images you receive. From the early moments in your hotel to the last dance at your reception, we will capture it all both on land and sea. Our images will stand the test of time as they take you down memory lane and transport you back to your wedding day every time you look at them. All those amazing moments so you can live it over and over again!

We are Anna and Andy! We love the ocean, its breath-taking wildlife and incredible scenery….it truly is something else!

Time to put those fins to work...!


Why should we choose you?
Not every underwater photographer has experience with underwater weddings. Like photographers on land, just being a photographer does not mean you have expertise in wedding photography. Many times, this unfortunately translates into amateur photography. We are experienced in capturing authentic moments and emotions that happen above or below the surface which gives us the ability to curate compelling and authentic images for you.

On top of it, we can provide insight, advice, and you can bounce ideas off of us during any of our unlimited consultations. You’re in good hands.

Why do you shoot underwater weddings together?
Every diver needs a buddy for a safe dive. We look out for each other underwater as the wedding and diving crews have other responsibilities on the big day. We stabilize one another against the currents and assist one another with equipment. Just like having a second shooter is important for land weddings, a second photographer is just as important for underwater weddings.

On top of it, you receive two individual and creative perspectives which means more image variety! One of us shoots up-close to capture you whilst the other shoots wider images to capture the beauty of what’s around you and your underwater guests – including those adorable little wedding-crashing fish!

What will happen once we book you?
Once you are officially booked, we are here to answer any questions you might have between the time of booking through the day of your wedding. If you’re feeling like a fish out of water about your underwater wedding (see what we did there), we can help with things you might not expect from a photographer. This includes tips for planning your underwater wedding, insights on how your dress might behave underwater, how to choose your diving ceremony locations, etc. We can be as involved in the planning process as you would like us to be.

When will you arrive?
Whether the wedding is in Europe or further away, we will arrive two to three days early to recover from jetlag, sort out our diving equipment, check out photo locations, and of course, meet you! This also gives us extra travel cushion for any unexpected delays or reroutes. That way you can rest assure that we will be there on your big day!

How does the complimentary portrait session work?
Every new destination we visit is an opportunity for us to push our creativity, whether it’s below the sea or above on land. We love romantic sunset sessions and we equally love underwater sessions. We know you and your partner are unique, so we will collaborate to find a perfect location for your shoot that shows off the incredible location you chose for your adventure.

Are you certified divers?
We sure are! We did our first dive on our honeymoon in 2013 and are hooked! No pun intended. Fifteen meters under the sea is our happy place…especially with our cameras!

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