The Red Barn in Norfolk – venue spotlight

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The Red Barn wedding venue

The Red Barn wedding venue of Norfolk is the scenic, historic and serene venue for laidback couples seeking a wedding reprieve in the countryside.

As many know, the moment the engagement ring slips on the finger, couples are introduced to countless demands to make decisions. The most prominent of which is where the wedding might take place.

Traditional church?
Elizabethan Manor?
Worldwide Destination?
Will it take place in two locations?
Where will we get ready?
How far do we have to drive?

We get it! Engagements quickly turn from momentary bliss into overnight stress dreams with a library of logistics to sift through. As seasoned wedding photographers, we have learned that the most convenient and stress-reducing decision a couple can make is to choose a venue that has it all! We recommend that couples seek out venues that provide bridal preparation rooms, multiple ceremony options, inclusive reception spaces and ample amounts of photographic backdrops. Not only does this eliminate a laundry list of logistics, but it is what many wedding guests and photographers prefer!

That’s why the Red Barn wedding venue is for couples who seek simplicity, nature and convenience on their wedding day. The Red Barn wedding venue is an intimate family-run wedding venue cloaked in 16th-century history. It is believed to have been constructed with oak and timber beams by monks seeking to store grain. Centuries later, it is witness to the unity of marriage and celebration.

The Red Barn wedding venue allows only one wedding per weekend which grants each couple exclusive access to the property. For couples who appreciate the history but hope to personalize the venue with their own details and decor, they may do so! The property encompasses both indoor and outdoor weather-dependent ceremony locations. The romantic reception space inside the barn can accommodate 100+ guests.

Most importantly, from the barn’s intimate low-light to the rural fields welcoming golden hour, the Red Barn offers an array of backdrops for your wedding photography. We may be biased but we know this place will not disappoint!

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