Punting photoshoot in Cambridge
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As photographers in the UK, we have a very complicated and emotional relationship with Mother Nature. On one hand, she can cancel an entire portrait session with her endless rain showers. Yet, on the other hand, she can also part the clouds and give the gift of perfect lighting that all photographers crave.

Gratefully, for this photoshoot in Cambridge, Mother Nature worked in harmony with us and we couldn’t be more thankful…especially since our couple were visiting from Singapore! Months prior, they stumbled upon our images from Hafi and Sidd’s shoot and fell in love with our style. So, they decided to plan a photoshoot in Cambridge with us – including a makeup artist, hairstylist, and gorgeous outfits. Now that’s a proper photoshoot!

We met up with Agnes and Ray in the early morning hours before the locals and tourists joined us. This early wake-up call helped ensure that we took full advantage of the open streets and gorgeous Cambridge backdrops. We began our session at the iconic King’s College before exploring other popular sites.

Although we live locally near Cambridge, we are constantly surprised by the beauty of the city. We love Cambridge for so many reasons – especially the local punting. Agnes and Ray were just as excited to go punting down the river as we were to follow them with our cameras. This is a must when you visit Cambridge!

Their easy-going tour guide, Scudamores, took Agnes and Ray by the famous Anchor pub, down the river, past the Mathematical Bridge and ended towards King’s College. All Agnes and Ray had to do was snuggle up, keep each other warm and enjoy the ride. The rest was up to us! And the results were incredible. In fact, the cover image for this gallery has now become one of the most requested photos by couples who book us for their photoshoots in Cambridge. If you are interested in your own romantic punting gallery, let’s chat.

Punting photoshoot in Cambridge

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