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Meryl and David were another of our couples braving the British weather earlier on this year with a summer celebration at their Tewin Bury wedding.

We began at the bride’s parents house in Barnet, North London capturing those precious candid photos of the girls getting ready for the day. Meryl’s maid of honour was her sister, Giselle who buttoned her into a stunning pure white gown with a floral lacy bodice, from Satin Bow. Frankie Jackson did a wonderful job on the hair and make-up, the hairdos were stunning! So intricate and delicate, they perfectly complemented their floral gowns and the rustic theme.

The civil ceremony was held at a beautiful barn in Tewin Bury, Hertfordshire. It was such a gorgeous light and airy space we had plenty of room to weave amongst the guests and take snaps from different angles. Jake, the bride’s six-year-old nephew was the page boy, and he looked incredibly smart and proud to lead the procession down the aisle. Following him were Giselle and then Meryl both carrying gorgeous bouquets by florist Carol Smith. We even managed to capture a quick burst of emotion from David when his bride met him at the altar. Luckily best man Steve was on hand for support. It’s always so touching to be invited to witness and immortalise these moments! As well as us sweeping around the outskirts snapping away, there was videographer, Timothy Spatz, ensuring that nothing went undocumented.

The guests all then moved outside to a beautifully sunny day, whilst preparations were made inside for the meal. We got some great shots against the green country backdrop, and whilst we were busy getting all the group photos, a magician, Greg Williamson got to work entertaining the troops whilst they waited for their meal. What a great idea! We tried to get some shots of his great work, but as you know, magicians never reveal their secrets, so unfortunately his quick and mesmerising act isn’t quite as captivating on film. We did however, get the amazed and awed reactions from the guests so that just about makes up for it!

After all the group photos, the barn was set for dinner. The seating plans were so original, in fact some of the most original we have seen! They were little strips of card with the guests names for that table, and a quotation, curled around in a cylinder with a little light inside, set vertically on top of a book. Each quote was a carefully selected passage from a Shakespearean play with a beautiful sentiment on love, or marriage. They were like little romantic lanterns. What a unique way for the couple to express their love of literature and include their guests in their passion!

The food looked fantastic and was all taken care of by the venue, but of course the guests still managed to make space for the delightful floral cake made by Bakealous Bespoke Cakes.

After the meal there were a few hints at some Jewish traditions from our bride. We experienced some Jewish music and revelry as the bride and groom got held up on their chairs, much to the enjoyment of the clapping guests. The day was then rounded off with a fantastic mix from DJ, Mr H Productions and our newlyweds boogied away into the night.

We’d also like to mention the fabulous stationary by Bride & Groom, it’s these little touches that add up to make the whole day so beautiful and special. Thanks again Meryl and David for letting us photograph your Tewin Bury Wedding!

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