Love Island style photoshoot in St Lucia

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Two months ago we wandered across the Atlantic Ocean to the warm seas, the pure sand beaches, and the iconic palm trees. The small tropical island in the Caribbean called St. Lucia is, simply, our happy place. It was here in one of the most beautiful bays, Marigot Bay, where we met up with our gorgeous couple for a love island-style photoshoot.

This love island-style photoshoot just enhanced our passion for St. Lucia and the Caribbean as a whole. St. Lucia has had a special place in our hearts since we photographed our first underwater wedding there. St. Lucia’s underwater world is just as jaw-dropping as the breath-taking island. You can check out our underwater wedding work here.

On the day of the photoshoot, we all awoke with the sun for an early morning photoshoot. The perk of waking up early was to beat the sun-tanning crowds and roam the empty untouched beaches on our own. A quiet beach, soft light, tropical scenery, and a stunning couple with crazy chemistry is the recipe for a perfect destination photoshoot.

If you are considering St. Lucia for your elopement, wedding or next vacation, may we recommend drinking a morning coconut straight from the tree-like we did at Marigot Bay. Or if you are not too keen on an early morning, then may we suggest adding some local rum to the coconut while you watch the sunset.

Snuggling up with your someone special…drinking a fresh cocktail out of a coconut…watching the corals, chromes and crimsons disappear under the earth…now that’s island life!

If you are engaged and considering your own St. Lucia elopement or wedding, get in touch. We travel all over the world for weddings.

Love Island-style beach photoshoot in St Lucia

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