Costa Rica Engagement Shoot

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Costa Rica engagement shoot

We have been lucky enough to photograph couples in some picturesque destinations, but this Costa Rica couple shoot was really something special. Well known for its lush green rainforests, abundant wildlife and eco-tourism, Costa Rica was sure to be a photographers’ dream with an abundance of beautiful backdrops. We were there to shoot another photographer and his beautiful girlfriend, so we knew they would be as much in awe of the place as we were. What we didn’t anticipate, however, were the challenges that shooting in a tropical location would bring.

Working with harsh light in Quepos Costa Rica

We were in Quepos visiting Manual Antonio National park and had decided to capture the couple in the mountains, but as we didn’t want to be driving at night time due to the dangerous conditions, we stopped to do the shoot at midday. As Costa Rica is so close to the equator, by midday the sun was directly above us which posed quite the challenge for the lighting in our photographs. This phenomenon doesn’t happen anywhere in Europe, so it was quite unlike anything we had experienced before. Perhaps in other circumstances, we would have relished the sun beaming down directly from above, but during a photoshoot, it was quite the test! Relishing the opportunity to shine in the face of adversity and get creative, we retreated to the shade beneath the palm trees lining the beach and instead captured the couple embracing in a green clearing, their reflections shimmering in the dappled light coming from between the trees.

Engagement stroll on the beach

After getting some great shots under the canopy, we took to the beach, shooting our engaged couple hand in hand, strolling along a stretch of fine yellow sand framed by the rocks and palm trees. It was absolutely stunning.

Shooting underwater

In fact, we were so blown away by this destination shoot that for the first time we experimented with shooting our couple in the water! This brought its own unique set of struggles, but we had so much fun trying it out. It is always such a pleasure to be invited to photograph a special occasion for people and we love the opportunity to offer something unique to each client, which often means overcoming new obstacles to get the perfect shot.

We thoroughly enjoyed our Costa Rica couple shoot, learning from and embracing all the new challenges we faced, it will be one that we won’t forget!

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