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When you are as well-travelled as our couple Hafi and Sidd, it must be tough to decide where to have your wedding. Hafi and Sidd, originally from Vietnam and India, now live in London and are getting married in Hungary! They met nearly 10 years ago at the University in Cambridge whilst they were both students at Kings College and despite their far-flung backgrounds decided that Cambridge would be the perfect place for their Asian style pre-wedding photoshoot. These types of shoots aren’t so common in the UK but in Asia they are extremely popular, with most couples getting completely dressed up in their wedding attire for photos before the big day in beautiful parks, lush gardens or by famous landmarks. It is a wonderful way to add more photographs to the wedding album and every couples’ shoot is so different.

Asian pre-wedding photoshoot


Hafi and Sidd put so much effort into preparing for their session, Hafi was up by 6 am for hair and makeup and they were both wearing their entire wedding outfits. We set out early on Sunday morning to make the most of the quiet cobbled streets of Cambridge, getting plenty of shots in before we became overrun with crowds. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t on our side, but Cambridge offers so much in the way of beautiful backdrops we found plenty of opportunities to take some stunning photographs despite the clouds. Unfortunately, the colleges do not allow wedding photoshoots unless you are getting married on the college grounds, so we came up with some ingenious ways to still have the college and chapel in the photos.

Whilst the couple were perched just inside the door of their favourite coffee shop from their student days, we managed to get a great reflection of the college on the outside of the window. Then, because no trip to Cambridge is complete without a ride on a punt, we took to the water and hired a couple of punts to take us down the river and re-live the couple’s student pastimes. Some of Cambridge’s most famous landmarks can be seen from the river so it gave us the opportunity to capture the couple with plenty of the buildings they knew and loved from their time as students. It was also so personal to them and we could see that they were fully relishing the opportunity.

It was a real pleasure to spend the day with Hafi and Sidd, they were fantastic and we thoroughly enjoyed the Asian style pre-wedding photoshoot in Cambridge.

Now you have had plenty of practice Hafi and Sidd, you should be real pros at posing on your wedding day! Thank you so much and we hope you had as much fun as we did.

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