Ash Tree Barns wedding

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Ash Tree Barns wedding

When we first chatted with Vicki and Matt about their wedding, they soared to the top of our match-made-in-photography-list! Not only was their down-to-earth, relaxed manner and sense of humour contagious but their desire for the candid, laid-back documentary-style that we love to create was the cherry on top!

Wedding photography at Ash Tree Barns

Fast forward, and their sunny wedding day was here and we embarked on a short drive to Norfolk to the Ash Tree Barns. And before we tell you about Vicki and Matt’s amazing day, can we please take a short moment to boast about why we love being Ash Tree Barns wedding photographers?

Begin side note…

First off, this wildly stylish contemporary barn venue stands out in the world of Norfolk weddings. Every corner of the property is decorated to impress. No shelf, no wall, no room goes unnoticed. But rest assured that the chic and trendy environment also exudes a laidback atmosphere calming to every couple who steps foot onto the property. And for our fun-loving and chill couple, it was the best fit for their personalities. And as for us, we love capturing the essence of what this venue gives for our couples. To top it off, they are also licensed for civil ceremonies!

End side note…

Getting ready and wedding ceremony

Where were we? Oh, yes, the morning of the wedding was upon us. Vicki could be found getting ready in the quiet Red Lodge County House. Yes, the one with the adorably-fluffy chicken skipping around in the yard. Meanwhile, Matt was found setting up after-ceremony entertainment, which included archery, pineapple bowling and a life-sized version of Guess Who. Amazing!

Once Matt finished setting up games, he and his son got dressed in their dapper blue suits and went to the Ash Tree Barns outdoor ceremony room to await the bride. Vicki strolled down the aisle towards her husband and son with a huge smile on her face. Her son, laying in his father’s arms, had the wedding rings in his pockets. Eek, Aww-dorable Alert!

Fun and games at Ash Tree Barns

After the ceremony, the air was full of laughter. It was time to party Vikki and Matt style! Singer and guitarist, Joe Bailey, serenaded guests while they played with pineapples, bows, arrows and described photos of friends and family. When it was time to wine and dine, guests entered the white and green draped marquee. Little did Vicki know that when she was introduced into her reception that she would be accompanied by one of her favourite characters of all time – the Cookie Monster.

If the guests hadn’t had enough laughs yet, then Vicki and Matt’s speeches pushed everyone over the top. The Ash Tree Barns rocked with the sounds of all the guests absolutely in stitches. Once they concluded their comedic speeches the stylish walls continued to echo with the entertaining sounds of karaoke, dancefloor beats and, of course, the Cookie Monster.

In conclusion, we will leave you with the final words from the Cookie Monster. “Sometimes me think, what is friend? And then me say a friend is someone to share last cookie with…”

Congratulations Vicki and Matt!

Enjoy a lifetime of cookies, love, and laughter!

If you are a couple seeking Ash Tree Barns wedding photographers for your upcoming wedding or have a deep love for Cookie Monster, please get in touch.

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