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Today we’d like to share some of our favourite snaps from Katia & Bojan’s Alexandra Park engagement shoot.

It was a typical British summer day, grey and overcast, but this made for a wonderful moody backdrop that allowed our loved-up subjects to jump out of the page in a splash of colour! Katia’s blue dress popped perfectly against the lush green surroundings and it was a joy to contrast this against different backgrounds.

We could tell the couple were really at home here and it turned out that Bojan had connections with the park even before he moved to London as he had attended a few concerts at the Alexandra Palace. Later on, after he moved, the couple would often visit the park on weekends to take a walk with each other and friends and so it became quite a significant place in their relationship.

In fact the couple crave more than the neat pockets of green scattered around London, and take the opportunity to flee the hectic city wherever possible! They described their perfect Saturday as: “waking up to sunshine, having a nice calm breakfast together, then going to the countryside. This would be followed by a hearty pub lunch or dinner. In an ideal world, we would have the energy to go out in the evening – a live music concert for sure! We both LOVE to dance and do apologise in advance of the wedding!” No apology necessary guys, we look forward to it!

So now you can see why an Alexandra Park engagement shoot made total sense! Their shared joy of nature, and passion for music and dance combined in one London park. They even treated us to some of their moves which were a pleasure to capture. Catching a still frame of a movement gives the photograph such a fluid quality that you expect it to suddenly continue before your eyes, like pressing pause in the middle of a video. You are suspended in the moment the photograph was taken, and in any minute the video will play on and you can jump back into that moment once more.

We hope you enjoy browsing these pictures as much as we did taking them, and that you can feel the energy right beneath the screen. Enjoy!

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