What's the cost?Really you should ask yourself, 'what is it worth to you'?

You don’t need us to define value, you know yourself how to be the best judge. If you need quality that lasts, you invest wisely … it’s the same with your wedding photographs. Everyone has a camera but not everyone can anticipate moments, capture emotions and create impactful wedding stories. If you want beautiful, heartfelt wedding memories, let us capture them for you. This is about your legacy!

investment + rates

We’ve always sold our services in a really honest way, in the way we like to be sold to; no hidden charges, no hard sell. So, to keep our wedding photography prices simple, we offer one simple package that covers all of the essentials, as well as optional extras which you can add to your heart’s content!

– One photographer
– 10 hours of coverage
– Individually edited high-res images
– Private online gallery
– Highlight slideshow

  • Art & Story






Love those little memories of yours the way they’re meant to be loved

Don’t let them die on a screen


12 x 12 journal
30 pages

10 x 10 journal
30 pages

8 x 8 journal
30 pages


12 x 12 album
30 pages

10 x 10 album
30 pages

8 x 8 album
30 pages



Can you hold our wedding date for us?
We’re really sorry but we’re unable to hold dates as we get booked up so quickly. We work on a first-come, first-served basis and once your retainer is paid your wedding date is firmly secured.

What do we do if we’d like to book you?
All we need to secure your date is a signed contract and £500 retainer. This amount will be deducted from the total, which is due two months before your wedding date. Once you’re ready to book, drop us an email to hello@artandstorystudio.com and we’ll go from there.

When can we view our photographs?
We usually have your photographs ready and online in 4-6 weeks. We know most couples can’t wait to see their wedding photos, so we send out a sneak peek within a few days after your wedding date.

How many images will we get?
It really depends on a lot of factors like the timings of the day, number of guests etc. Most 10 hour weddings produce between 300 – 400 amazing images, all of which are individually edited by Anna.

We’re also interested in video…
Amazing! We’re in love with the magic of video and how it can transport you back to your wedding day in an instant. We’ve recently started offering photo + video collections, so if you book us for both, you will get stunning photographs shot by Anna and a highlight film shot by Andy. We will work seamlessly as a team to bring you your story uniquely, artistically, and like no one else’s.

What style do you shoot?
We shoot in a relaxed, documentary manner. However, great storytelling images are the ones which are created from within the story, and this is the approach we adopt at every wedding. We won’t hide in the shadows – you’ll know we’re there and Anna will often come close to shoot your story from ‘your’ perspective, which at the end of the day this is what wedding photography is all about.

How much time do you need for portraits?
Moments are everything to us. A laugh, a cry or a questionable dance move. Moments like these will be our main focus at your wedding. But most of our couples want some romantic, intimate portraits of themselves too. For the best results on your day we recommend the following:
– Bridal Portraits: +/- 30min
– Groom Portraits: +/- 15min
– Couple photos: 30 min

Will I get table shots of all guests?
Anna will take photojournalistic shots of people’s reactions throughout the speeches, and there will be photos of most of your guests. However, we’re not big fans of table shots and prefer to focus our attention on real moments. If you would like photos of all your guests, then we suggest organising a group shot or photobooth.

Will you supply additional photographers?
We’ve shot countless big weddings of over 50, 100 and even over 1,000 guests. With so many guests, it’s harder for one photographer to document your relationship with your friends and family on a deeper level. So for weddings of 50+ guests, you have an option to add an additional photographer. We only work with photographers we know and trust, and have worked with in the past.

Any further questions?
Do give us a call or text (Anna 07920 212 372 or Andy 07885 730 757), or drop us an email to hello@artandstorystudio.com. We are always happy to help!

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