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The lush green countryside around Cambridge always provides the most beautiful backdrop for photos, and Marine and Kris’s Minstrel Court Wedding near Royston was no exception.

Right from the start, it was clear that purple was either Kris or Marine’s favourite colour. The day was filled with the vibrant shade, from deep royal plums to delicate lilacs. Alongside their colour theme we noticed several butterflies and peacock feathers amongst the decorations. Several butterfly ornaments were quite prominent around the house, and there were purple critters, resting delicately on the edge of the floral arrangements by Kim Tyler. All couples have their own little quirks, and it’s so pleasing not only to spot, but be able to capture these details when so much thought will have gone into them. Even the little gift bags holding the bridesmaids jewellery were purple.

Marine looked stunning in a vintage inspired lace dress from Sara French Bridal in St Neots with charming lace court shoes to match. Her bridesmaids, in shades of purple – of course – reflected the colours of the men’s ties and buttonhole posies.

The couple opted for an outdoor ceremony beneath a white pagoda, thoroughly embracing the pruned lawns, verdant foliage and picturesque lake, of Minstrel Court. In fact the setting was very reminiscent of their engagement shoot, contented faces peeping out from behind a spray of cool green leaves, purple flowers in the background. We could see why this venue appealed to them so much!

It was so bright and airy under the little pagoda, framed beautifully with sheer lavender fabric, our shots had a gorgeous dreamlike quality and we got so many great photos of our newlyweds and guests. As the reception was also at Minstrel Court, we had plenty of time to photograph guests on the lawns, their purple garments making a striking contrast with the green grass.

After the speeches the guests were invited to join in with one of the games that we had at our own wedding. The bride and groom sit with their back to one another and each holds one of their own shoes, and one of the others shoes. The brides shoe symbolises the bride, and the grooms shoe symbolises the groom. Someone then reads them a question which they must answer by holding up one of the shoes, representing who they think most fits that situation. For example, the question could be something like, ‘Who has the worst taste in Music?’, or ‘Who is the better cook?’ and watching the bride and groom answer at the same time can have some rather amusing consequences! These guys did an amazing job and it was touching to watch Marine and Kris having so much fun with a game we enjoyed on our wedding day.

The lighting during the evening was fantastic and with the aid of the smoke machine we finished off the day with some rather moody rock and roll photos.

This Minstrel Court Wedding was a blast, we were honoured to be there with you guys. Enjoy your photos!

  • Bride and groom walking by the pond at Minstrel Court
  • Bride and groom walking through a cloud of confetti
  • Bridesmaids helping the bride to remove confetti from her hair
  • Romantic photo of bride and groom with trees in the background
  • Romantic photo of bride and groom with trees in the background
  • Bride and groom's photo with Minstrel Court in the background
  • Romantic photo of bride and groom by the pond
  • Bride's mum delivering the speech
  • Bride is wiping her tears during the speeches
  • Bride's emotional reaction to the groom's speech
  • Bride and groom's emotional reactions during the speeches
  • Guest watching bride and groom during the wedding games
  • Bride and groom laughing during the wedding games
  • Wedding couple's first dance
  • Bridge and groom's first dance with love letters in the background

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