• Dunstable Downs Engagement Shoot // Marine & Kris
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When the sun decides to shine it makes a photoshoot just that little bit more fabulous and that could certainly be said for the Dunstable Downs engagement shoot we did earlier this year for Marine and Kris. It was a gorgeous summer day, the clouds perfect cotton puffs in the sky and our couple, happy as two peas in a pod out in the sunshine grinning like Cheshire cats against the lilac backdrop.

This shoot had a particularly romantic feel which could have had something to do with our stunning bride-to-be Marine, bringing some of her French charm to the day. This couple love the outdoors and as you can see, they were thoroughly enjoying getting lost amongst the leafy greens. At times it felt a bit like sneaking up on a secret moment, but that is just the kind of natural photograph we want to capture! The flowers were out in full bloom, the air smelt so fresh and sweet, and Marines dress couldn’t have been more perfect for this botanical setting. Dunstable downs is also home to the Tree Cathedral – towering great trees planted in the shape of a cathedral with grass avenues and dense walls. It is absolutely beautiful in the summer and houses a great variety of trees for nature lovers to behold. It also enabled us to get some fantastic shots!

Marine and Kris described their perfect weekend as a seaside retreat or a hidden cabin deep in the forest where they could walk by day and at night curl up and read a book by an open fire. This vibe is certainly captured in a lot of their photographs; they were just so blissfully content in each other’s company.

Each couple always brings something so different to the day, and the dreamy mood of this Dunstable Downs engagement shoot was perfectly reflected by the dappled sunlight peeping through the trees, and the rustle of the grass as it swayed gently in the breeze. It was a pleasure to sneak up on your romantic romp into the countryside Marine and Kris, thanks for having us!

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